First Impressions Count When Using Linkedin for Recruitment

Recruiters ask us all the time what the best way to connect on LinkedIn is. When using Linkedin for recruitment, an invitation to connect on LinkedIn requires that you create a strong first impression. This is essentially a ‘virtual handshake’. There’s no way around this fact of life if you want to be successful with your outreach.

The problem for marketers and sales teams is the speed by which they can send these requests. Most recruiters average between 10 – 25 invites a day, often spending the rest of their time on tools like Indeed and Bullhorn.

There is also the issue that personalisation often requires meticulous analysis of your target lead’s profile. Without customising your request, it’s likely that you’ll be ignored by the majority of people you reach out to. When you’re using Linkedin for recruitment, you need to be smart about how you spend your time, as “feeding the top of the funnel” can take up ALOT of time. That is why we invented Kikioo. Instead of you needing to do research and connection, our software handles all of that. Meaning you spend all your time calling warm leads, and filling positions, as our New York clients like to say “Ain’t nobody got time for that”!.

Using Linkedin for Recruitment – 5 Connection Request Messages That Work

Connection requests are your virtual handshake

Linked Recruitment Connection Request Templates

LinkedIn’s default connection request message boring and ineffective. Using Kikioo’s powerful automation features when recruiting on LinkedIn, however, lets you automate highly personalised requests that will significantly improve your chances of connecting with your targets. Simply use the templates below when putting them into the software using the parameters identified by the braces (i.e. {{INDUSTRY}}) and sit back and watch the connections roll in.

Alternatively, you’re able to use these just as well manually when using linkedin for recruitment, but the challenge is being able to send the followup messages at the right time, and at the scale that works. Either way, I hope you find these useful:

Message 1:

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I came across your profile and saw that you are a {{TITLE}}. I was wondering if you’re open to new opportunities? I see you’re at {{COMPANY_NAME}}, but I have a role I think you’d be perfect for. Look forward to connecting.

Message 2:

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}} – thought I’d connect as I specialise in (their industry).

I think you have some great experience, and think I might have a great role for you.


Your Name

Message 3:

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I specialise in tech recruitment for companies such as {{COMPANY_NAME}}. I see you are the {{TITLE}} – would you be open to discussing a position I think you’d be great for?

Regards Your Name

Message 4:

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I came across your profile this morning and saw that you work at {{COMPANY_NAME}}. I’ve been meaning to connect for some time as I would like to discuss a role I’m recruiting for. Are you open to new positions? Regards Kikioo

Message 5:

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I specialise in recruiting for the {{INDUSTRY}} industry. I saw you’re a {{TITLE}} so thought it would be good to connect as I have a role I think you’d be perfect for.