Our Clients Love Us. We'll Let Them Explain.

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Within 72 Hours we had multiple candidate calls booked for open roles we had.

Engagement levels increased significantly on the client side  We are speaking to 1 or 2 new clients per day, and that was for just one of the 3 seats we have.

It just gives you so much time back. As a result of Kikioo we’re running a much more lean and productive team and we engage with more candidates, get more referrals and are considerably quicker to market. 

On the Client side, engagement has drastically improved

It gives you more control, more flexibility at a fraction of the cost – Kikioo takes away the pain, it’s really a no brainer.  Company Website

I’ve Placed 3 Candidates in my First 3 Weeks

I’ve placed 3 candidates in my first three weeks.

Basically I don’t have to manage any more of my research sections, any more invites I send to candidates.

I have roughly 30-35 interviews booked per week – I can scale that up or down.

The ramp up is great, I highly suggest you do this

My inbox is blowing up

Basically it removes any ambiguity of using a virtual assistant, and removed the uncertainty of whether a researcher can be as effective as I am for generating candidate meetings.

With the job orders I have right now, I’ve got the opportunity to speak to multiple candidates every single week. // Company Website

Really Good Results in Terms of Quality and Speed

Searches were taking 8-10 hours of my time. Now they take 2 hours – which freed up a lot of my time away from sourcing.

On every single search I was able to deliver a shortlist on behalf of the client

It allowed me to be more productive with my time and get results which were as good as when I was using other methods

The two main benefits of Kikioo: effective sourcing and effective lead generation – it allowed potential clients to gain awareness of my service on an automated basis

On each campaign I was finding I was getting really good results in terms of quality and getting the results over to the clients.

Kikioo’s minimum 25% response rate on a cold engagement is extremely high and from a business development side it’s allowed me to connect with over 200 CTO’s across Europe who are now aware of the services I provide, and I would never have gotten that level of traction of such a short space of time.

You’d be amazed at the results you’re going to get from it. You’ve got nothing to lose from it.  //  Company Website

Today I’ve got over 60 responses over the weekend that I haven’t had time to get back to. I’ve got alot more callbacks, alot more warmer calls,

Kikioo has made me much more efficient, I’m probably doing the jobs of 2 or 3 recruiters at the moment

From a delivery perspective I’ve lost two delivery people… it’s made me feel much less pain from both new business and sourcing.

From a sourcing perspective Kikioo has been even better than with business development. 

Kikioo is doing the sourcing of the many team members we’ve lost – particularly in the niche markets we work in – some heavily technical roles. // Company Website

Saves a Ton of Time and We Get GREAT Results

Using Kikioo has really helped automate alot of reaching out to the right contacts for business development. Doing that one at a time is extremely time consuming. What’s coming back now is warm leads and I just have a list of calls to make.

I didn’t have to worry about anything anymore

I’ve gotten a lot of new clients out of it, alot of them have already started paying off, and more than paid for what it costs. It’s a no-brainer to continue with it, the results came in very quickly.

Results were A LOT more than I could have done without using it, just on the time savings alone.

Sometimes with automation you worry about the quality of your work going out, but it’s the exact same quality that I would be doing, but it’s reaching out to people so I don’t have to, freeing me up to do more follow ups.

It’ll save you a tone of time and you’ll get great results.

There are alot of systems out there that look and work similarly, but you pay for what you get, and we were using a better value system, but as with everything in life, you pay for what you get, and it ended up being more work.

Kikioo has been well worth the investment

Company Website

We Had So Much Response We Needed More Staff

Kikioo has helped us a great bunch. It was quite a big help with sourcing candidates and business development and looking for new clients – it was a good addition to our tools already.

We used some email automation but this was a significant improvement in terms of automation and how we source the candidates and how quickly we can engage and respond to the clients

With Kikioo our hands are free now to focus on other things we need to do. It helps us alot.

We use email automation with sequencing but we struggled to find the right profiles. Now Kikioo has significantly helped us with this workflow

It was very simple to set up, within a couple of days we started to see traction, and within a couple of weeks, we were constantly engaging with candidates and clients.

Before we were trying to engage and excite candidates about work opportunities, but now it feels like we’re constantly catching up and responding to candidates.

We have so much response from the candidates that we actually need more people just to speak with the candidates – that was a big improvement.

Kikioo support is great. Its a great tool to have, and it will improve your productivity by 1000%


Results in a Day - Before it Took Weeks.

Before I was using Kikioo, it was taking me days to do manually. By using Kikioo, I was able to generate targeted campaigns that were really specific. You will get responses – I got LOTS of responses.

It was helping me to reach out to target CTO’s very quickly, very efficiently, I was getting results in a day or two, whereas before it would take weeks.

Your system helped me to understand very quickly what do people actually respond to, and to focus on that.

Literally all you have to do is just wait for those calendar invites to come in and you just do the conversations. You’re going to generate leads – no doubt about it. It’s just a case of how many. // Company Website


Our Clients Love Us. We’ll Let Them Explain

Within 72 Hours We Had Multiple Candidate Calls Booked for Every Open Role

I’ve Placed 3 Candidates in my First 3 Weeks

It’s Changed My World in Terms of Efficiency and Speed

Really Good Results in Terms of Quality and Speed

Saves a Ton of Time and We Get Great Results

We Had So Much Response We Needed More Staff

Results in a Day – Before it Took Weeks.